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The ProLawn Difference

  • Our organic approach makes the difference, as organic based materials are used as much as possible to meet the needs of the lawn's nutrient requirements.

  • You will have an assigned technician that will be on your lawn approximately 80% of the time.

  • Your ProLawn service technician receives continuous training. Through this training and experience, he will evaluate your lawn during each application to determine your lawn's needs during the growing season. Our customer service department will follow up with any recommendations by your technician.

  • Our technicians' focus is on the quality of their work and is rewarded accordingly; whereas, most other companies' focus is on number of lawns serviced daily.

  • ProLawn's professional on site lawn analysis allows for accurate and immediate recommendations for the total lawn's needs. Clients are informed of the services needed for the lawn to reach peak density and appearance. This precludes the practice of telephone up selling practiced by many lawn care companies.

  • After each application, our customer service personnel will follow up with you to ensure that the service was performed to your satisfaction and to address any concerns that you might have.

  • Special service requests (service calls) are accomplished within 72 hours weather permitting. Our Territory Manager or one of our Service Consultants will perform your service request in order to evaluate the overall quality of service being performed by our technicians.

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As a customer on one of our regular programs, you receive free service calls. If you aren't satisfied, just let us know. We'll make it right or we'll refund what you paid for the last application.


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Common problems found in your
lawn & landscape


Weeds are the most common lawn problem that faces most homeowners. There are two basic types of weeds: broadleaf weeds and grassy-type weeds.

Dandelion and other weed control programs
We can treat broadleaf weeds whenever they are actively growing. We will spot treat for weeds each time we visit your lawn, but there's no guarantee that weeds won't come back between visits. Broadleaf weeds sprout from seeds that get blown into the yard from your neighbors, even from neighbors several blocks away. They can also be carried in by birds or other animals. Given the right climate, the seeds will sprout. However, once we turn your lawn into a healthy, thick lawn, many of those seeds won't have room to grow. When they do, we'll take care of them.

Grassy-type weeds are best prevented before they sprout. Crabgrass is the most common type of this weed. Early in the spring, we apply a special pre-emergent weed control that actually stops most of these weeds from even getting started. This pre-emergent will keep crabgrass from getting a foothold in your lawn.


Many insects are beneficial to your landscape. A few aren't.


The science of lawn care has developed some very specialized products that can control these harmful insects. The most common subterranean insect is the grub. The grub is actually the larval stage of various beetles, such as the Japanese beetle, or others such as the common June bug. There is a short window of opportunity during the summer when grubs can be controlled. We'll closely monitor soil temperatures and make apply this grub control at just the right time to be most effective in controlling an aggressive grub population.


There are many different lawn diseases that can attack your lawn. It is beyond the scope of this web site to go over all the different types of lawn diseases that can effect the health of your lawn. However, our trained technicians will be able to spot lawn diseases before they become major problems. We can also treat lawn diseases when necessary. The best defense against lawn diseases, is maintaining a healthy environment for your lawn. This means, proper watering practices. Proper mowing practices. Plus, a healthy, well-balanced diet of quality fertilizers and micronutrients that don't overfeed your lawn.

Specialized Services

Besides our regular lawn programs, we also offer several specialized services that may be beneficial to the health of your lawn.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is highly recommended. Understanding exactly what consists in your soil's chemical makeup will tell us what's present and what's missing. Like people, each soil is different, depending greatly on what has or has not been done to it in previous years. Some home yards are highly acidic. Others are not. A soil test will tell us exactly the soil's pH factor is and what needs to be done to put in balance for optimized turf growth.

Core Aeration for Thatch and Compacted Soils

This maybe one of the most beneficial specialized services we offer.

Core Aeration Plug

Regular core aeration (usually performed in the Fall, but may also be done in the Spring) will help reduce thatch buildup, allow for better moisture penetration and retention, and permits nutrients to better reach the root zone. In soils that are compacted, we may suggest you aerate your lawn several times a year for several years to correct that problem. Once your soil becomes conditioned, then perhaps every other year would be a good option. Our technician will exam your soil and let you know.


Many lawns, either from heavy weed invasions, heavy traffic, or just years of neglect, may need to be re-seeded to achieve optimum appearance. Damage caused by drought, or severe winters can also warrant putting down new seed. We will determine what type of grass you have and select a seed that will closely match what you already have. In extreme cases, we can also completely rebuild lawns if required.


Preventive Grub Control

As already mentioned, grub controls must be applied during a short window of time during the summer to best control these turf damaging insects. When grubs reach a certain stage in their life-cycle, they become voracious eaters that borough through the ground eating the soft roots of grass, leaving dead spots. While many things can cause dead spots in a lawn, our technician will be able to carefully inspect the damage and be able to identify the problem.

Flea Tick

Flea & Tick Controls

In recent years, many human diseases have been associated with fleas and tick bites. If you have children or pets in the yard, or anyone that spends time in the yard, this makes it even more important to control these harmful insects to prevent them from becoming a health hazard to your family.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our perimeter pest control program puts down a protective barrier that surrounds your home that helps protect it from bothersome insects coming inside. This invisible barrier will keep most pests on the outside where they belong.